Edmonton Transit System - Brand Redesign

Brand Redesign 3.0.jpg

The purpose of this project was to change the brand identity of the ETS (Edmonton Transit Service). We were tasked to create a unique design that was interesting and encouraged the public to explore the city using the transit service. I wanted to make sure that the logo speaks to Edmonton, so I had the letters inside the shape of the Anthony Henday Drive, which represents how the service is able to take passengers wherever they need to go in Edmonton.


The bus stops would include a map that shows the route of each bus that goes by that stop, so that the rider can choose which route they take and possibly get to explore a new area, or even just take a new route. The different colors would represent the different busses, and how they move along each road, with the lines pointing in the direction the bus moves. 

Bus Interior1.tif
Bus Stop3.png
Bus 1.png