Gear Heads are a series of figurines featuring a spun metal top and base which is made out of wood. 

The idea behind the figurines came from wanting to make a series of collectibles, but wanting to emphasis a feature that hadn't before. There are metal collectible series out there, but they are made using laser cut sheets, Metal Earth, and there are figurines that are made out of wood but they are painted. The only thing that I noticed is that there is not series that is made showing off industrial processes in an obvious way as well as showing off the original and organic materials that are used. I wanted to create a series that is interesting enough to catch someones eye and entice them to learn more about the piece. 

The metal tops would be spun on a proper metal lathe, and then the individual tops are cut with a dremel and filed to made the edges smooth. The bottom of the figurine would be made out of Birch wood and would also be cut to size, with a shown difference with the face piece and the body piece. The two would be connected by padding on the inside of the helmet which locks the two together. The top 'helmet' piece would be made out of 18 gauge aluminum, and have the different faces cut out of them. The bottom would feature two sized disks that have an angled middle to act as the body of the figure, and be made out of a Birch wood.