IKEA Product Extension


The IKEA HINDÖ series focuses on shelving that is made out of galvinized steel. The system is mainly used in a patio areas since galvinized steel is capable of withstanding rust for a longer period of time than other metals used for shelving.

The goal for this modification was to make this shelving unit that was used in a basic set, become a unit that was able to be a full patio gardening setup. The main changes that were done was opening up the bottom area, and the simple shelves were taken out and replaced with one deep shelf. As well a lattice wall was added to the right side and back of the shelf, and a wooden system was added to the side.

Treated 1.png
Teak 1.png
Oak 1.png
Mahogany 1.png
Cedar 1.png
Render 12.png

The top shelf is to be used to place plants, having a base depth of 6’’, which is the reccommended soil depth for most plants. The bottom of the shelf also has leak holes so that the bottom of the shelf does not rust as fast. The drip off water would drip onto the lower shelf, which would be made of mesh, and would provide a drip system for the bottom plants. The lattice that is placed provide the unit with a more natural look. As well, the bottom area can be used to grow ‘climbers,’ to assist them in growing up, instead of a direction that the owner may not want.


The buyer would also get to choose which kind of wood they would want for their system from the avaliable options which have been chosen due to their durability to weather conditions. The options for choice would be teak, cedar, mahogany, sienna treated and oak.