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A project that uses the Hindö series, or Kolbjörn series, and transforms the shelf and cabinet  set into a living wall patio set. The wooden panels on the one side are set to be able to hold hooks and shelves in between them and provide a space for tools to be held. The other side of the unit would be where the plants would be set. The top container would be used to hold plants with a bigger root system while the bottom would be for living vines to be planted, which would then grow up the lattice surrounding the unit. The middle shelf is placed to hold larger items.

The unit also has the option for different wood types. The different options to pick from would be:

  • Teak

  • Mahogany

  • Oak

  • Cedar

  • Pressure Treated wood

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Teak 1.png
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Oak 1.png
Treated 1.png
Cedar 1.png